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Why Buy New

There are many rewarding advantages to buying a new dream 凯发网址娱乐软件home that meets your needs versus a used 凯发网址娱乐软件home that has someone else’s design and vision.

NEW DREAM 凯发网址娱乐软件home Dream 凯发网址娱乐软件home
  • Build your clean, safe & healthy dream 凯发网址娱乐软件home
  • Choose from a variety of modern designs and open floor plans that provide ample space for all your needs
  • Get Wi-Fi connected rooms and luxury appliances with Everything's IncludedTM
USED 凯发网址娱乐软件home Pre-designed 凯发网址娱乐软件home
  • Someone else’s design and vision
  • Limited customization selections
  • Outdated appliances and features
NEW DREAM 凯发网址娱乐软件home No surprises
USED 凯发网址娱乐软件home Unforeseen costs
  • Hassle with expensive renovations
  • Incur immediate maintenance
  • Encounter expired warranties
NEW DREAM 凯发网址娱乐软件home Low cost
USED 凯发网址娱乐软件home Delayed move-in
  • Deal with prolonged closing and financing
  • Struggle with time consuming repairs
  • Uncover ignored and hidden problems

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